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Introducing the Pulse Energy Lifestyle Plan

In today’s environment, budgeting has become even more important for many New Zealand families.  Whether you are worried about being able to pay your next bill, putting away money for a new home or saving up for a trip, having a structured plan of attack is essential for hitting your financial goals.

To help Kiwis stay on top of their finances, we’re launching a brand new plan called Pulse Energy Lifestyle. Read on to learn more about this exciting new plan and how it can provide you with more flexibility and financial certainty.

What is the Pulse Energy Lifestyle Plan?

The Pulse Energy Lifestyle Plan is an electricity plan for New Zealand households which allows you to pay for your electricity usage as you go. With low upfront prices and an unrivalled level of flexibility, our Lifestyle Plan is an excellent option for any household looking to take control of their power account.

Our Lifestyle Plan works in much the same way as a prepay mobile phone plan. Simply top up your account online or at your local convenience store or service station and we’ll take care of the rest.

You are able to view your usage on a daily basis, monitor your spend and top up in the customer portal called My Account.

Forget about monthly power bills, restrictive contracts and pesky credit checks. Simply kick back and enjoy the freedom that comes with knowing you’ve paid for your electricity in advance.

Here are some of the key benefits of prepay electricity:

1. Higher level of financial certainty

The biggest benefit of prepay electricity is that it provides you with more control over your power account.

With a normal electricity plan, it’s easy to lose track of your power usage over the course of the month, which means you might end up with a bit of a shock when the time comes to pay the bills.

In contrast, purchasing your electricity in advance means you know exactly how much you’re spending. It encourages you to monitor your electricity usage more closely, and eliminates the risk of falling behind on payments or accumulating debt.

Check out this blog post for life hacks to keep your power bill down this winter.

2. No credit check required

Financial issues in the past shouldn’t affect your future. If you’ve had issues with your credit, you may not be eligible for a conventional electricity plan that requires you to make a payment at the end of the billing period.

With the Lifestyle Plan, you are effectively purchasing your electricity upfront, which means there’s no credit involved. As a result, you don’t need to undergo a credit check when you sign up to the plan.  

3. More freedom

Everyone’s power needs change over time. Why should you be locked into long-term contracts that don’t necessarily reflect your current lifestyle?

Here at Pulse Energy, we’re big believers that our customers should have the freedom to switch plans in line with their needs. Our Lifestyle Plan features no long-term contracts, so you have the flexibility to come and go whenever you please.

4. Easy to monitor electricity usage

Having your power on prepay means you’ll be more mindful of your electricity consumption. Pulse Energy Lifestyle comes with a handy tracking tool that helps you monitor your energy usage.

Get more insight into your electricity consumption habits and use the tracking tool to figure out how you can make simple changes to further reduce your energy usage.

You can access usage information by logging into your My Account.

5. Simple to top up

Last but not least, we wanted to make it as simple as possible to use Pulse Energy Lifestyle. That’s why we implemented a range of simple top up options so you can make sure your balance is always in credit.

Top up online through My Account using a credit card, debit card or Account2Account transfer, or in-store at hundreds of locations across New Zealand.

Join the Pulse Energy Lifestyle Plan

The pressure of a monthly or fortnightly electricity bill can be daunting, especially when it comes to budgeting. Join our Lifestyle Plan and enjoy low upfront prices, an amazing level of flexibility and a higher degree of control over your energy account.

To find out how much you’ll pay for your electricity with Pulse Energy Lifestyle, please fill in your details here.


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